Do This, Not That: 7 Bathroom Storage Ideas That Worked For Me, And Some That Didn’t

1.For clean towels:

Rolled up into a wire basket: yes, easy system to keep up with.

Shelf over door: no, too high to reach.

2.For wet towels:

Single bar rack on wall or back of door: yes, wide enough and installed high enough so that even beach towels can dry without dragging on the floor.

Two bars in tandem: no, back towel doesn’t dry well.

3.For toilet paper:

One extra roll in basket on toilet’s back lid; others in linen closet: yes, as long as you remember to replace the extra.

Open racks of any kind: no, cluttery and TP gathers dust and humidity.

Do This, Not That: 7 Bathroom Storage Ideas That Worked For Me, And Some That Didn’t

4.For toothbrushes:

Brush end up, inside vented space: yes, protected from airborne germs but allowed to dry between uses.

In open, in wall holder or glass on countertop: no, exposed to germs, dust, and mold spores. Cluttery.

5.For shower items:

Recessed permanent cubby: yes, if possible. Durable, easy to clean.

Shower caddy with waterproof Command hooks: yes, yes, though they tend to get rusty and scummy with soap.

Shower caddy with suction cups: no, the cups loosen unexpectedly and dump contents.

Mesh bag on existing shower rod/ pockets on shower curtain: no, these quickly get scummy and nasty.

6.For items under sink cabinet:

Pull-out basket: yes, easy to use and items are contained.

Turntable: no, wastes a lot of space in the corners. Items tend to fall over.

7.For medicines:

Bathroom, including “medicine” cabinet: no, the heat and humidity of a bathroom can degrade medicine’s quality and effectiveness. Medicines require cool, dry, dark storage.

Lidded bin in closet in bedroom or hall: yes, near enough to be convenient.

Kitchen: yes, if there is convenient cabinet space. Near water glasses, easy to access.

Note: I have no affiliate links. These suggestions simply reflect my personal experiences.
April 13, 2024. Wendy Ritchey, NEXT Kitchen and Bath.

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