The Trick to Making Your Kitchen a Treat

Welcome to October, the month that ushers in all the special fall and winter activities that enrich our family’s lives. Days are getting shorter, cooler, and for most of us, busier.  Whether we’re setting up a game day buffet, helping our children or grandchildren sort their trick-or-treat candies, or beginning to plan a Thanksgiving menu and guest list, it’s probably happening in the kitchen.

 Whether it is large or small, well-aged or new, every kitchen plays a special role in family life. It’s more than just a place where meals are prepared. It’s a place where memories are made, and confidences are shared. It’s a learning center where traditions and skills are passed along to the next generation. Today it often is also a workspace, called upon to function as an impromptu office and/or homework center.

The Trick to Making Your Kitchen a Treat

As you bustle around your own kitchen preparing for the busy holiday months, think about how you are using this special family space – or how you wish you could. If you could wave a magic wand, what would you change? 

  • Is the layout optimal for the ways in which you and others use this space? 
  • Is storage adequate? 
  • Are the appliances up to date? Do they save energy (yours and the planet’s)?
  • Does the kitchen’s style make you smile when you enter it, or does it need a new look?

It’s no exaggeration to say that kitchen possibilities have undergone a revolution in the last decade. New appliances, custom-designed cabinetry, technological advances, flooring options that provide greater comfort and easier care… the list goes on and on. Like most busy homeowners, you probably haven’t had the time and energy to keep up with it all. 


The good news is that you don’t need to fly solo. A kitchen design expert can listen to your desires and suggest possibilities you may not have considered. They understand budgets, and they know which remodeling investments give the best return for money spent. Whether you decide upon a minimal update or a life-changing kitchen redo from scratch, they can guide you through every step. 

If you haven’t experienced the personal help a kitchen professional can provide, you might feel hesitant. Contacting one can seem like a big step, a commitment, maybe even a potential budget-breaker. However, the truth is much more reassuring.

In most cases, an initial meeting carries no cost or obligation. It’s more like a first date, a chance for both parties to get acquainted and learn whether a continued relationship seems promising. For small and straightforward kitchen changes, this single meeting may be enough to set your project on a path to fruition. For major changes, continued planning meetings will probably become necessary. For this, some kitchen professionals may charge a modest fee to cover their time. However, regardless of whether they apply these payments toward the project costs (many do), it’s money well spent.  As an old proverb states, tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.

October is trick-or-treat time. It’s also a time for reflection and planning. Treating yourself to a consultation with a kitchen design expert can be the trick to assuring that your NEXT kitchen is one that you and your family will love living in.

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