Our Story

Crafting beautiful, livable spaces together

Wendy Ritchey has always had a love for renovations and design.

NEXT Kitchen + Bath is your premier destination for luxury home renovations. Elevate your living space with our expertly crafted designs, transforming ordinary kitchens and bathrooms into elegant, functional spaces. Our team of skilled artisans and designers are dedicated to creating bespoke interiors that reflect your style and sophistication. We source the finest materials and employ cutting-edge techniques to deliver timeless, high-end results. From sleek, modern kitchens to opulent spa-like bathrooms, we make your dream home a reality. 

Wendy Ritchey

The Ritchey’s relocated to Wendy’s hometown of Athens, GA in 2013 to give their children the opportunity to grow up in a small town. As the lead designer, Wendy combines classic elegance with modern touches to create custom kitchen & bath designs that are both elegant & timeless.

In 2020, after spending a lot of time at home in the kitchen, they decided it was time to help others and realize their dreams and open Next Kitchen & Bath.

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